Operational leadership of care teams ‘on the floor’, ensuring that both the highest quality of care and service is consistently delivered to all our residents, loved ones and colleagues, and also that our dedicated care staff receive the quality focussed and sensitive leadership, guidance and support they deserve. ‘Seniors’ will also be expected to assist in creating and maintaining care planning and other residents’ care documentation, managing and administering medication, duty allocations and general team management to ensure the effective running of their shifts and teams.

Applicants should either be experienced in the same or similar role, or at the very least already be talented and dedicated care staff both willing and able to take the next step in their careers. Dedication, humour, willingness to use initiative and make appropriate and effective judgements, leadership ability, calmness in stressful, challenging or unexpected situations, adaptability and flexibility, and a consistent passion for delivering respectful, dignified and person-centred care are all essential qualities required for this role.

Excellent career development prospects available. Very considerable and continuous opportunities for personal and professional development, comprised of both in house and fully funded external training, including a range of courses offering NVQ and numerous other professional qualifications. Uniform, meals on duty and other benefits apply. All our staff teams, are encouraged and empowered to make decisions and take control of their job roles, doing what is necessary all day, every day to ensure we offer exceptional and truly life changing care to all our residents and their families and loved ones. Our Senior Carers/Care Team Leaders should not only embrace these principles ‘to the max’, but also make sure this really happen for every member of their team, every time.