Khan-Mae Rebolledo, RGN

Nursing is a profession Khan had always looked upon with respect. She believes that the role of a nurse can be very challenging and hectic at times but more rewarding and fulfilling. Her genuine interest in caring for people resulted in Khan taking the nursing course at Saint Louis University in Philippines. After four years study of nursing which included, theoretical, practical, and clinical experience Khan was awarded with a BSN degree in 2009 of March. In the same year, Khan took her licensure exam and passed it. By March 2010 Khan was officially a Registered Nurse of the Philippines. In the following years, Khan worked in different health settings including home base care, clinics and hospitals.

In 2013 Khan was given the opportunity to study at Northampton University, United Kingdom and granted with BSc (honors) International Nursing program after completing the two-year course. This experience developed more of her skills and knowledge in field of nursing based on international approach. While studying she worked as a health care assistant in nursing homes wherein, Khan learned and acknowledge the true sense of diversity and equality in the care field. She took some training and home study to work on her theoretical and practical exam for NMC registration. Her passion to help others and engage with different people gave Khan motivation to pursue the career path. By 2019 Khan managed to pass all required examinations and became a registered nurse here in UK.

“I believe all my previous and current experiences in various healthcare settings enables me to develop my skills and knowledge, promote my confidence and possess stamina to take commitment and challenges and responsibility required in nursing career. As a nurse I realized that it influences the way you think and act towards people and changes the way you see the world around you and it will always have a lifelong learning experience.”


Caring for you, Caring about you!