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Advanced Dementia & Complex Care

What is Advanced Dementia?

Dementia is a progressive condition and the later stages of dementia, also known as ‘advanced dementia ’, can be hard to define with each diagnosed individual going through it in their own way. Because dementia causes changes to the persons brain, their symptoms get worse over time and is likely to cause difficulties in most aspects of their life. This means they will rely on others for much of their care as they will be unable live life independently and may experience moments of lucidity and may exhibit behaviours that challenge the level of support they already receive.

What is Complex Care?

Complex care is care given to individuals with significant, continuing healthcare issues. Complex care involves skilled nursing supervision and coordination from medical experts. Complex care aims to give the best possible daily life for those who require in a safe and equipped environment.

Our Advanced Dementia & Complex Care

At Knights Care we are proud to offer those who challenge mainstream services a safe place to call home. We have purpose built our specialised houses to meet the needs of individuals with acquired brain injuries, challenging behaviour, dementia, and a variety of other complex conditions. Each unique space is designed to a high-end specification and has been created with safety and comfort as top priority.

Our homes offer individualised care packages providing high levels of support from an experienced and passionate team including the registered manager, nurses and support workers.

Our staff are highly trained and are supported by a company called Studio3 who are a specialist advisory and training company advocating for non-restraint and least restrictive practices. Ours specialised units are clinically led by a Clinical Psychologist, Paul Dickinson, who has been a Clinical Psychologist for almost 30 years.

We provide residents with bespoke 1-1 treatment and tailor each plan to support the complexity of their clinical needs.

Knights Care Homes Providing Advanced Dementia & Complex Care

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