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Types of Care here at Knights Care

We are specialists in providing care to older people, care which comes in many different forms.  We thought we’d take a deep dive into the types of care we are able to provide, from very specialist nursing care through to day care and respite.

Each of our homes are split into houses and each house has a contingent of residents who all have similar needs – allowing us to provide specialist care where necessary.  The houses also allow for friendships and bonds to be formed between residents. Smaller groups mean that our teams really get to know residents and understand their needs better.

So let’s look at the types of care we offer:

Nursing care

One of the forms of care we offer is nursing care.  With extensive clinical experience, our team of registered nurses manage the nursing needs of clients who are no longer able to remain in their own home. Our nurses support a wide range of specialist consultants, undertaking daily reviews with face-to-face assessments. They are hand picked with expert on going training to ensure they continually maintain their skills and are fully up to date with the latest best practice. Our nurses liaise with all allied professionals including physiotherapists, dietitians, and speech & language therapists to ensure the best possible holistic care is achieved.

Dementia Care

Over 850,000 people have a diagnosis of dementia in the UK, our facilities and staff training are second to none. Our key staff have undertaken training with Dr David Sheard in conjunction with Surrey University and virtual dementia tours. Our aim is to support clients to maintain dignity and quality of life by respecting their person-hood. It is key that our team get to know our clients social history. By doing so, we can continue to support “the life they wish to choose” offering engagement of useful occupation, supporting access to outdoor space and weekly music therapy sessions along with lots of love & laughter.

Residential Care

We aim to make accommodation at Knights Care an extension of home should you feel you might require a little more help than is possible in your own home. This includes providing you with your own en-suite room, nutritional home cooked meals, housekeeping and personal assistance such as help with hygiene, bathing, medication management and access to GP services. There is a full activities program available in groups or on a 1-2-1 basis should you prefer. With company from fellow residents and staff we aim to ensure that our residents have a lovely time with us!

Respite Care

Every relationship needs a break in order to remain positive & healthy. We recognise that in many circumstances caregivers are with their loved ones 24/7. This is where Respite Care can really offer support, providing that much needed temporary rest so that the family caregiver can take a step back for a short period to take care of their own health needs, socialise with friends, even catch up on sleep or take a well-deserved holiday knowing their loved one is well-cared for.

Day Care

We have adult Day Care facility specializing in providing activities for your loved one. At Knights Care we can work to create a day care package around your loved ones needs, providing care, meals, social/recreational outings, and general supervision. Occasionally, there will be a small room devoted to clients to have vital signs checked, etc. by one of our highly skilled staff on site when needed. We can also provide transportation if required.

Complex care & behaviours that challenge

All Knights Care staff are trained to adopt a person centred approach, by getting to know our clients, their wants, needs and desires.  Barriers are broken down, positive relationships are built and quality of life is maintained. Team members are then able to build on these solid foundations with additional training to gain skills to deliver complex care and support clients with behaviour which may challenge.

Of course, we are on hand to help if you’ve got absolutely any questions around your needs or the needs of your loved one, please get in touch with us and we can run through all of our facilities and forms of specialist care.

Balazs Liszka