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Day Care

Day Care at a Care Home

Day care offers a friendly and stimulating home away from home for people while giving their loved one’s peace of mind knowing that they’re safe and cared for during the day. Day care services enable people to embark on new friendships, in a setting where they feel relaxed.

Sometimes older people who live alone can spend long periods of time without company and this can be isolating and cause for a decline in mental wellbeing. For these individuals, our day care services provide an opportunity to establish a new social circle and enjoy the companionship of others while engaging in a range of planned activities.

As you step inside or homes, there’s comfortable lounges, activity rooms and always a warm welcome at reception. With activities, home cooked dinners and plenty of tea and biscuits to go around, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Benefits of Day Care

  • Care plans sorted to individual daily needs
  • Socialisation and companionship
  • A variety of activities and social interactions available
  • The home caregiver (often a husband/wife or son/daughter) is given some respite from the caring roll.

Knights Care Homes Providing Day Care

Abbey Court,


Cherry Holt,






Drovers Call,


Randolph House,