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Our amazing team at Randolph House brought home top place in two categories in the North Lincolnshire Care Home Olympics which ran from 22 January to 1 March.

The 6 week programme was designed to encourage residents to get moving and keep active in an innovative and enjoyable way. Physical inactivity can lead to reduced muscle strength and mobility, an increased risk of falls, and a decline in mental health. By encouraging the residents to take part in this challenge we ensured movement and sensory stimulation for them, as well as lots of fun and laughter for all involved.

Randolph House proudly took home trophies for creativity and a special recognition award. Telle, the event organiser from North Lincolnshire Council has shared with us why Randolph were chosen winners in these categories:

Creativity – “Although at the start of the Care Home Olympics, this team contacted me to say they didn’t think there was much that their residents would be able to do from the Scoreboard pack, they remained in the competition and used their creativity to produce some really beautiful pieces of artwork. Some of these included producing large sunflowers, suncatchers, spring flowers in wheelbarrows and our favourite a cake! We all agreed that due to the variety and most importantly creativity of this team, they well and truly deserved this award”

Special Recognition – “We chose to hand the Special Recognition award to a team rather than an individual. This team has had an excellent leader. One who has really shown that they have gone above and beyond throughout the 6-weeks to ensure that all the residents were doing a variety of activities, proudly sharing updates and photos most days. With residents situated over 3 floors, this team of staff has been going from room to room, to ensure everyone who wished to take part had the opportunity to, with many of the staff getting involved throughout too. This team shared that the residents have loved to tell their family members they are involved in the Olympics and they produce collages so their family members can see each of the activities they have been doing and the wonderful work they have produced. Some of these extra activities include, skittles, battleships, name that tune, ski ball, team puzzles, Zumba, singing, gladiator, magnets and so much more!”

Well done to Wendy and to Randolph House for this amazing achievement!