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As we celebrate DDAY, Thursday 6th June, we recognise Branthwaite resident Pete Cox and a small group of friends who wanted to mark the 100 year anniversary of the 1st world war to track down the final resting place for all of the names on the Retford town centre cenotaph.

They researched the stories for each of the names, made contact with families and through the war graves commission were able to find the location for each.

Through a series of trips mostly into Belgium and France but also trips within the UK and further afield in countries like Turkey, they located each grave and laid a cross on behalf of the families. Where possible they were able to meet with relatives first to enable them to write a message on the cross for their own fallen serviceman prior to visiting that cemetery.

Their ventures made headlines, and we celebrate the 80th anniversary of DDAY today and recognise Pete and his friends on their incredible accomplishment.

Amy Meade