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Moving into our care home – welcoming new residents!

Moving from your own home into a care home is a huge, life changing decision which can cause some upset, worry and anxiety – particularly for those who are concerned about losing their independence.

We work hard to understand as much as possible about new residents who are moving into our homes.  It’s key for us to be able to supply home comforts and touches which might make residents feel more happy and at home.

Common fears which we work hard to dispel include;

  • ‘I’ll be bored and I won’t get along with anyone’
  • ‘I’ve become a burden to my family.’
  • ‘I won’t have any independence’

We thought we’d take you through all of the steps we take to allay these fears.  We’ll go over and above to try and help new residents to feel excited about their new home.

Prior to a new resident joining our homes, we work to understand exactly what they enjoy.  Hobbies, their favourite foods and activities are all noted and our teams get together to ensure that we are able to help them feel right at home.  Our management teams will work with our kitchens and chefs to confirm that favourite foods are stocked and readily available.  Our  lifestyle teams will include any favourite hobbies or activities on the activities schedule and everyone will be invited to take part.  This allows for residents with common interests to bond, creating new friendships!

Our carers will spend time talking to new residents and really getting to know them.  We will listen to any fears or concerns they may have, working to understand what will cheer them up if they’re having a down day.

Our teams will also help residents and families to add little personal touches to their rooms.  Whether it’s placing important photographs, a vase of fresh flowers or adding blankets, bedding and cushions – making their new room feel homely and personalised is super important.

It’s really our goal to work with residents to ensure that the transition from independent living to living in our care homes is as seamless as possible.  We want everyone to be as happy as possible with the move and ultimately, we aim for our new residents to be excited about their new room, activities and the facilities we have on hand in all of our homes! Get in touch now to find out more about our amazing teams and how we go over and above for all of our lovely residents!

Balazs Liszka