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Broaching this conversation is rarely easy.  For your loved one, particularly if they are your parent, admitting that they are struggling with living on their own is incredibly difficult. 

But, sometimes, this conversation is inevitable.  We thought we would put together a few tips to help you to broach the subject and make the thought of moving into a care home a positive step, perhaps even something to look forward to, for your loved one!

Objection: ‘I am not moving into a care home.’

Solution: Most care homes will offer a tour or at least a video tour.  Many people still have views that care homes a dull places lacking vibrance, laughter or fun – obviously we are not like that here at Knights Care!  The most important thing is to show your loved one how much fun moving into a care home could be!  With activity schedules, outings and events, pamper days and more, it’s important to show your loved one that living in a care home could be a ton of fun!

Objection: ‘I’m frightened of living in a new place.’

Solution: We offer respite care in most of our homes, so residents have the option to come and stay with us for a few weeks or months.  This gives your loved one a chance to ‘trial’ the Knights Care way of life, before making a commitment.  In addition, you could explain that you worry about your loved ones safety at home on their own and you’d feel much more comfortable knowing they are being well looked after.

Objection: ‘I won’t see my friends or family as much.’

Solution: We completely understand the importance of keeping in contact with friends and family for all of our residents. Once your loved one moves into a home, we appreciate that this can provide a feeling of relief, knowing that your loved one is safe.  It might be worthwhile mentioning to your loved one that you absolutely will keep in touch and visit and actually, the reduction in worry from your part will mean that you can enjoy your time together, rather than talking about more practical issues and logistics.

Government regulations mean that each resident can have up to five nominated visitors.  In between visits, we can arrange Facebook portal sessions also, which may mean that your loved one ends up seeing you even more than before!

Objection: ‘Moving will be a hassle, my whole life is in this house.’

Solution: Space permitting, we allow residents to bring their own items to personalise their rooms.  We’ll even consider pets if a resident has an animal which they’d like to bring along.  Moving home is often very difficult, particularly if your loved one is leaving their lifetime home where there are lots of memories.  We will make the transition as easy as we can.  We’ll always encourage residents to discuss memories and experiences – we often find we learn a lot and we’ve heard some truly fascinating tales!

Ultimately, Knights Care are here to help you, your loved one and your family.  We’re only at the end of the phone if you need to chat anything through, arrange a visit or even if you need help dispelling any negative ideas about moving into one of our homes. We are so sure that when your loved one visits our care homes, they will meet our brilliant teams and see how moving into one of our homes might even be a positive new change!

Balazs Liszka