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28th APRIL 2020

During this worrying time, I would like to thank all our relatives for your ongoing understanding of the situation. We appreciate it is a difficult time for you all, particularly not being able to visit your loved ones as you would normally do. I believe your efforts of staying away from the homes during this time and limiting non-essential health professionals into our homes is playing a vital role in our fight against the virus.


At present, we are very fortunate that we only have a fraction of positive cases within a couple of our care settings, with some homes currently experiencing zero cases. The clients who have been diagnosed as positive, either microbiologically or clinically, are all asymptomatic and are currently stable. Those families with loved ones who have tested positive have been fully informed and updated of the current situation. We are monitoring the situation closely and consulting daily with our colleagues at Public Health England and sharing information with local authorities and the Care Quality Commission as appropriate.


Although it is widely reported that there is a national shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), please rest assured that our team at Head Office have been working non-stop to ensure that we have sufficient supplies. In addition to PPE, following successful trials of “Pure Air” at Drovers Call, I made the decision to purchase units for each care home setting as this virus started to break out in order to reduce the exposure to infection and help protect all our staff and residents. A further 7 units have now been purchased and are in operation. We will continue to monitor the situation and if needed I will go further and purchase more units.


All of our staff have shown an outstanding level of commitment and dedication to our residents, in some cases investing long hours to make sure our residents are protected and kept safe. The selflessness that they show by putting our residents needs before their own is honourable and does not go unnoticed. We appreciate every single member of staff and we are committed to doing all that we can to support them.


The team and I remain thoroughly committed to always protecting our residents, our dedicated staff, and our homes.


Kind Regards,


Adam Knights

Managing Director.

Balazs Liszka